Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensor f. SIP speedometers

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SIP says:

"The SIP Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) converter determines the temperature of the exhaust gases received from the sensor and sends the converted data to our SIP Speedometer/Rev counter - 2.0 for display. The ability to read the temperature of the exhaust gases allows a rapid diagnosis of the true condition of any two-stroke motor. This essential information provides usable proof of its running parameters, in particular the ignition and jetting settings, along with state of compression, etc. The EGT can also warn immediately of imminent issues and so help prevent expensive damage to the heart of the motor!

The detailed instructions for the mounting of this SIP conversion kit describe how to best position the sensor within the exhaust of a vintage, geared Vespa. During normal, everyday use the EGT should lie between around 400C and 700C. If this value suddenly spikes to, lets say 1000C, there is very probably something going horribly wrong. This can include pinking of the motor, dangerously altered ignition timing due to a sheared woodruff-key, failing gaskets and similar horror stories that lead to holed pistons, seized barrels/crankshafts and so on...

The EGT converter, or adapter box, is integrated into the scooters existing wiring loom between the electronic ignition unit and the SIP Speedometer/Rev-counter 2.0. The converter is connected to our speedometer using the existing cylinder head temperature sensor socket and the EGT is then displayed in the corresponding area of the speedometer face. As this display can only display values up to 250C this converter delivers a value that displays 10% of the actual EGT. In practice this translates to an actual EGT of 700C being displayed as '70'. The cylinder head temperature can no longer be measured while the EGT converter is attached.

The temperature sensor is attached to the exhaust manifold using a very robust clamp and only one small hole needs to be drilled to enable its correct positioning. Once properly tightened the conical sealing nut included in the delivery effectively seals the gap surrounding the sensor."


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