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Scootopia says:

"Scootopia made Lambretta series 1,2 & 3 LI SX & TV Variable electronic kit. This kit consists of a Flywheel with plastic fins, Stator Plate, Flywheel Nut & Washer, CDI, Regulator, Fitting Tool & loom with connectors.

Some characteristics of the kit:

  •          2.1kg 2 Part flywheel (standard length plastic fins).
  •          Optional DC output.
  •          Removable HT lead from CDI.
  •          9 Stud centre boss.
  •          Correct electrical connectors fitted.
  •          8 Degrees Advance or Retard (engine/barrel kit depending).
  •          Set up at 25 Degrees before top dead centre.


Like both the SIP Vape kit, Casatronic & Varitronic our variable electronic kits give your engine an 8 Degree advance or retard timing set up. This allows the ignition timing to adjust at high or low revs resulting in a better performing engine. We have set a weight of approx. 2.1kg for the flywheel, this should run well using the Scootopia 185 kit and the Scootopia Clubman Exhaust. You also have the option of using a DC output, allowing you to charge up your phone, e cigarette or run a Sat Nav. We have also added an extra centre boss stud on the flywheel giving it 9 studs for extra strength.




Tools Needed:

  • 8mm socket (Fan Cover Bolts).
  • 10mm socket (Stator Bolts).
  • 17mm socket (Flywheel Nut).
  • 19mm socket (most flywheel pullers).
  • Torque Wrench (for flywheel nut, 50-55 ft lbs.)
  • TDC Tool (if you want to double check timing).
  • Timing Disc (if you want to double check timing).
  • Timing Light/Strobe Gun (if you want to double check timing).


Contents of your Variable Electronic Ignition Kit box:

  • Stator attached to backing plate with wiring.
  • Rotor with Fan attached.
  • CDI with HT Lead (HT Lead can be unscrewed and changed if ever needed).
  • Regulator / Rectifier.
  • Red Battery feed wire (with Ring and Spade connector).
  • Flywheel nut with washer.
  • Spanner (extended).
  • HT Cap.




When setting up T-D-C the arrow can point to any direction, it doesn’t need to be set at 12 o’clock, basic understanding of using a Timing Disc & Strobe Gun is advised. We have also found depending on Engine/Barrel kit fitted, it is possible you may need to open the elongated holes of the Backing Plate slightly to set your Electronic kit up. For standard or mildly tuned engines this should not be an issue.

**Please note instruction images are for demonstration use. Please be aware of running an engine with no Flywheel Cover can cause harm.**

If possible we reccomend installing the Scootopia Simple 12v Loom for the above diagram.

If using the original 6 Pole Loom we reccomend using the Scootopia 12v Junction Box."

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